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WeLens delivers VR to dozens of cities, including:   Atlanta, GA   -   Los Angeles, CA   -   San Francisco, CA   -   New York City, NY   -   Seattle, WA   -   Las Vegas, NV   -   San Diego, CA   -   Boston, MA   -   Charlotte, NC   -   Chicago, IL   -   Columbus, OH   -   Detroit, MI   -   Austin, TX   -   Denver, CO   -   Fort Worth, TX   -   Houston, TX   -   Jacksonville, FL   -   Baltimore, MD   -   Dallas, TX   -   Miami, FL   -   Nashville, TN   -   New Orleans, LA   -   Orlando, FL   -   Philadelphia, PA   -   Phoenix, AZ   -   St. Louis, MO   -   Tampa, FL
    Part of WeLens revenue goes toward - a program for bringing VR to classrooms in underserved communities